Do you ever wonder what might be the real cause behind the mark deduction of your written research paper? The lack of facts, expressions, or merely it’s structure? The facts presented are seldom wrong but the answer to your question may be the structure of the paper. The best dissertation writing help is drafting any kind of dissertation or research paper in its correct format.

MARKETINGDISSERTATION.CO.UK is letting you in on a secret which is when the examiner picks up the copy of the writing, he turns the pages of the document and if it is in the correct format and rightly structured, he turns back to introduction page and commences the reading. Work on the outline of your paper and you will see the improvement in the grade of the next submitted document.

  • Outline:

    an outline is a coherent way of organizing the various contents of the dissertation or of the research paper which helps convey the intended idea of the dissertation writer and establishes a link between the various chapters included in it. If the outline is absent the writer may miss the essential sections that had to be included which will throw the reader off the track at the time of checking. Drafting an outline consumes only 10-15 minutes of the writers time which will later prove to be beneficial.

  • The outline will smoothen both writing and reading journey of the writer and the reader starting from the introduction, followed by the body and finally ending with a conclusion.

  • Steps to create an outline:

    • Break the parts of introduction, body, and conclusion into sub-parts to include the minor details essential for the final formation of the paper. An outline is a way to give soul to your ideas.
    • There are various hurdles to cross before reaching the conclusion of the paper like the thesis statement, research sources, literature review, pros and cons, historical and current comparison and many other headings. Search for a format that guides to form the apt outline of your paper.
    • If your created outline fails to smoothly lead you towards the end that is the conclusion; stop pouting over that and create a fresh one.
  • The two approaches to organizing outline:

    • Chronological approach: the chronological approach of outlining helps you follow the correct sequence of writing and making the mistake of omitting a heading can be avoided this way.
    • Spatial approach: the spatial approach compels the writer to move from the specific point to the general point which gives importance to the points that seem relevant and are mentioned first.

The approach of organizing an outline depends on the nature of the dissertation or any other document that is to be written. The student can ask for professional dissertation help to assist him in creating an outline that suits the need of his document and ensures the interest of the examiner in the writing. Other than plagiarism, the ignorance towards the set structure of writing is considered as another academic offense.

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